Email marketing is timely, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly. It promotes your business all while being a medium through which you can communicate with your clients. Therefore email marketing has been and many believe will be a top marketing strategy. So here are some trends and tips to keep your company’s emails up-to-date:

  • Make sure that the emails can be read clearly on all devices (desktops, mobile devices, tablets, etc.)
  • Start your email campaign with a welcome message where key information about your business is shared and data about your new client can be obtained. Thus making it easier to categorize them for future emails
  •  Use animation! Gifs and videos make your emails more aesthetically pleasing and capture the reader’s attention
  • Create pop-up boxes. Pop-up boxes are those boxes that appear when people click on a website and have text in them asking for emails in return for a discount, free shipping, etc.
  • Keep the message clear, casual, and personal!
  • Have a catchy subject line that intrigues the client to open and read the email
  • Make sure there is a clear and easy way for the email receiver to unsubscribe to the emails as a company’s reputation is at stake when someone becomes frustrated when receiving unwanted mail

Keep these pointers in mind when sending out your company’s next email campaign, as emails can of the most successful marketing tactics to use.