This past week LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner, announced that their mobile app would be receiving a redesign, entitled, “Project Voyager”. This will be the first redesign of the app sense its launch in 2008. This will make the process of using the app easier and more casual, seen through their new messaging tab. An increase in LinkedIn’s popularity is highly expected, which means that if your business does not already have a company page it is time to make one, if it already has one maybe it needs a makeover, and if your personal page could use some work then this is the perfect time. Here are some tips on how to ensure you have the best possible  LinkedIn page for future employers or future employees.

For Improving your Company Page: 

  • Make sure you are posting content and lots of it! But it should be useful and informative to your audience of prospective employees. Take into consideration what you would want your future employee to know.
  • Create an engaging page. Encourage them to comment on your content or to message you with questions, being seen as approachable is a good thing.
  • Make your  company seem relatable by giving them the “inside scoop” on your company. Such as employee profiles, listing their  fun facts or likes and dislikes of your company workers. It will make your business seem more ‘real’.
  • Make sure you have a “follow us” button!
  • Make posting content easier by syncing your LinkedIn page with you blog and twitter. This will make it possible to share across social media with just the click of one button.

For Improving your Personal Page: 

  • If you do not have a photo already you NEED one. You will become 11 times less searchable without one.
  • If you URL has a bunch of random letters and numbers after your name delete them.
  • LinkedIn just developed a publishing platform, take advantage of it! Use is as an opportunity to show off some of your personal content and writing skills.
  • Use keywords throughout your page, think of them as SEO’s. This will increase your page viewers.
  • Use photos and videos to help make your point clear. This will also help make your profile stand out and be more customized.