The most popular trend in  marketing right now is the use of video. Video can be seen on all social media platforms and has been dubbed the future of content marketing. Video is important to use because consumers like engaging and easy to digest content along with the research by Cisco Visual Networking Index that says by 2017 video will make up about 70% of consumer internet traffic. If your business is not already using video as a main part of there marketing strategy then it is time to start because video is taking over! Here are some tips on how to better incorporate video into your business’s marketing techniques.

Use it in Facebook Posts

Video can be seen all over Facebook. When you make a post on Facebook include a video that supports what your content says or features a key message your business wants to promote. More people are bond to reach your post if you do so. Facebook also allows for consumers to easily share your video post.

Enhance you Blog

If you found a youtube video that would help relate consumers to your post then embed it in your blog post. By embedding a youtube, Facebook, or Vine video you are creating an active and engaging relationship with your audience.

Create Original Content

Vine and Snapchat have made creating video content easy and affordable. Behind the scenes, interviews, documentaries/fictional short series,  and product reviews and demonstrations are all great topics to create videos on. By producing original video content it will make your business more relatable to your target audience.

Make a Youtube Channel 

Following Facebook, Youtube has the most unique visitors to its page then another social media channel. This means that if your business does not already have a Youtube channel it should create one! By doing so consumers are ensured to watch your content  as video is easy to digest and can be very informative in just a short amount of time.

By using video in your business’s marketing strategy you are creating a channel to connect all of your social media platforms. The video trend is easy to understand because video responds to the needs to today’s consumers. Those needs being for quick, informative, engaging, and easy to understand content. Besides, what’s more appealing then the play button?